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Submit Club Details
Last Updated : 2009-03-05 17:57:19 (22877 read)
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Submit Club Details

Please submit details of your clubs. We glady accept international clubs.

We require the following details:

Club name.
Club contact details.
Details of any club meetings.
Details of any club exhibitions or other events.
An introductory text about your club.
Any other information you wish to provide.

If you wish additional information accommodated on different pages please specify.

To submit club details please send them to clubs@meccanoscene.co.uk

You can send it in various formats but we will definately be able to support the following:

.txt (normal text file eg wordpad)
.rtf (rich text file also wordpad)
.doc (Microsoft Word, any version)
.wps (Microsoft Works, any version)

These should be added as an attachment to the email. Alternatively you can just use the email its self to send us your details. In the subject for the email please put "Club details".

If you wish to include pictures please attach them to your email. They should not be overly large and you should indicate to us where you would like them placed.

We will accept the following formats:


A couple of pointers:

Please make sure your name is on the email or the text.

Please wherever possible use a spell checker before you submit your details to us.

If you are submitting events to us please also make sure to add them to the Forum Under Events.
If you wish to have a section of the forum dedicated to your club please request this in your email.

Thank you for your submissions.

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